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War of Cabals: Code Blue 4


The third week in the War of Cabals: Code Blue is over! Players who made the Top 10 Cabalists, Top 15 Adapti and Top 20 Neophytes have already been rewarded!

The mind is a great weapon. However, it is a double edged sword as the psyche can be tapped into, in such a way, to destroy itself. The leaderboards have been reset again, and on March 1, 00:00 PST, the Top 10 Cabalists will receive 300 Influence, Top 15 Adepti 200 Influence and Top 20 Neophytes 100 Influence. Additionally all winners will receive Elite Underworld Stroke! Please note there will be no Mayhem this month.

Join the War of Cabals! Fight in Code Blue for a chance to earn amazing rewards!

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Faustian Physicist

"Rigorous close reading of Goethe made me the scientist that I am." -Eckhard the Wired

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