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Cabals reveals its prospects

We have done a complete revamp of the pricing structure or Cabals. With the new price structure everyone finds it considerably easier to enjoy all the variations Cabals has to offer. Since we as gamers generally appreciate ever increasing amount of content and features, I would like to shed some light on the things that we have planned for the future. After the initial launch of the game we have successfully secured a modest amount of funds from investors which guarantees that we can completely concentrate on development. So here's what is coming next...

So far we have already coded a significant portion of the first update, which will go live within two weeks.


  • Update preview here
  • Much desired clear and polished how-to-play
  • In-game enhancements that improve playability and feedback
  • Leaderboard and statistics improvements
  • Deck editor and cardpool enhancements
  • Full screen scaling option for Tablets
  • Important bug fixes, that will make our lives easier

Cabals team assures, there will be similar updates coming every ~2-4 weeks.


In Spring 2012, we will release the first expansion and will expand to a new platform both which we have already began to develop. Expansion preview here.

The Expansion will include:

  • 2 new factions
  • 4 new heroes
  • 50 new cards
  • new playing styles
  • and several other great features: Friendlist & Matchmaking, Quests, Card selling...

We will not hold back on features, we will present new features in updates when they are ready. First expansion will be due 3-4 months from the launch.

Things just in the horizon include:

  • Facebook and Windows Phone 7 versions
  • New expansions every 4 months (suggestions are welcome)
  • Translations into other major languages
  • Exploring the Cabals lore deeper and bringing it more and more to life

We have mapped the future of Cabals for several years forward. A lot of planned things will end up different, but we have an agile team which is ready to adapt. But in summary, we will develop all the features you would expect from the best card game out there: marketplace for cards, ability to link with friends and challenge them, epic tournaments, guilds, chat option, various language versions and much much more.

The Motion has begun and there's no stop to it. Every day thousands of new people find their way to Cabals where we welcome them with opens arms. We encourage everyone to participate, and contribute in making the community bigger and better. Cabals is developed by a devoted, player oriented development team that responds to needs of the players. You will not find a warmer and better place to be, so bring your friends and join Cabals!

Kyy Games
Ceo, Founder

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"Listen to them – the children of the night. What kind of music they make!" -Count Dracula

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