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Cabals: The Card Game Released!


The day has finally arrived - Cabals: The Card Game is now officially live! Time to download the game on your favorite device, log in, and start playing.

Head to iTunes App Store, or Android Marketplace to get Cabals: The Card Game on your smart device of choice. You can also download a stand-alone version for PC here or for Mac here, or play directly on your browser here.

Cabals: The Card Game is a revolutionary new card game that invites the players to collect cards, discover new tricks and tactics, and test their skills against single player and online opponents. It takes the players to a world where secret societies compete to harvest esoteric powers to their own ends.

Cabals: The Card Game is free to download and play.

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"Listen to them – the children of the night. What kind of music they make!" -Count Dracula

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The Archives sheds some developer insight on how specific cards were designed. Read more.